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 Rules for Mods In 40's

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PostSubject: Rules for Mods In 40's   Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:15 pm

Anything Said Or Done In Breakroom Is To Stay In Breakroom ONLY!  Any Staff Member Found To Be Posting Info From The Staff Room To Other Members
Will Be Removed Without Warning. All Host/Mods Are Encouraged To Leave Their Name In The Breakroom, Even While Not Modding So They Can Be Aware
Of Any Issues Discussed During Their Time Away From The Keyboard.

All Mods Should Have Their Screens Set To 'Advanced View', Under Options.

Please Note That Staff Ranks Could Change At Any Time. Please Remember Your Stats Can Be Suspended/Removed At Any Time, also. You Could Walk In One Day
And Find Its Not There Any longer.  There Could Be Many Reasons For This, We Will Try And Talk To You About The Issues As To Why, But Please Give Us
Owners A Chance As We Cant Be There 24/7.

We Also Ask When A Mod Is Dealing With A User That You Let That Mod Do So... Do NOT Jump Over Them Or Try To Take Over.
We Are All  A Team And Everyone Will Get A Chance To Do Their Jobs, No Need To Rush and Take Over Others.

If Tammy Or Richard Are Dealing With Users, Please Back Off and Let Them Deal With Issue At Hand.  They Are The Owners And Will Do Whats Needed
Without Being Told Whats Right Or Wrong.

If You Have An Issue With An Asst Host Please Go To Tammy or Richard.

We All Try To Work As A Team As Best As We Can.  Not Everything Will Go Everyones Way. We Are All Here To Enjoy Ourselves. We Are Not The Army, lol.
Please Keep In Mind, Modding A Chat Is Not all About Kicking And Banning.

We Ask That You Welcome Chatters Into The Room Before Asking For Age.  Sapphire (Bot) Welcomes And Asks For Age As They Join, We Ask That You Ask
For Age At Least 2 More Times Before Kicking.  Please Give The Users Time To Give Age, Not All Have Powerful Fast Pc's And Some Do Lag.
If the User Rejoins, Re-Ask For Age 2 Times Again, If No Response Then Ban. Please Give Them Time To Reply though.  This Can Also Be Monitored
With the Timestamp Function On The Options Pop-Up. Try To Give At Least Two Minutes. A Couple Minutes Is Longer Than You Think!

If The User Is UnderAge We Ask That You Ask The User To Leave By Their Own Will Before Banning.
Please Keep In Mind Some Users Try To Return With A New NickName And Then Say They're 18+ so Keep An Eye On Isp's.
If The Chatter Comes Back Ban Them Immediatley.

Please Also Note We Ask That You Do Not Kick Users For Pm'ing Others. We Ask That You Tell The User Thats Being Pm'd To Use The /Ignore Nickname
Feature On The User Thats Pm'ing Them, As We Can't Moderate Pm's. If It's Someone Being Pervy (Asking For Young Girl Boy - Pedo's) Then Do Ban And Report
This To Admin, Or To Tammy or Richard, Who Will Make Sure Admin Is Informed.

Please Do Not Mod From An Unmodded Position. If There Is A Problem Mod Up, This Will Cause Less Confusion For Our Chatters.



                                                                                                                                                     hop = assistantHOST/moderator
                                                                                                                                                     aop = Host
                                                                                                                                                     sop = Owner/Co-owner

/ignore nickname ......................ignores chatter
/unignore nickname ..................unignores chatter
/quit .............................................quits room
/clear ...........................................clears screen
/nick nickname............................changes nickname
/privmsg nickname ....................opens private message box with chatter
/privmsg chanserv voice ...........voices self
/privmsg chanserv devoice ......devoices self
/privmsg chanserv halfop ..........up to assistant host               (hop)
/privmsg chanserv dehalfop.......down from assistant host     (hop)
/privmsg chanserv deop ............down from host                      (sop/aop)
/privmsg chanserv op ................up to host                                (sop/aop)

 When you voice or devoice yourself and you're in multiple rooms, you will voice or devoice in every room
 you're currently in at the same time. So you will have to exit rooms you dont want this function to
 to happen in and then rejoin other rooms. In other words, voice or devoice yourself separately for
 different rooms.


To bigban by double clicking the chatters nickname in the list:

*** note ***      

this can only be done while the chatter is present in the room, the ISP's you will see are in 2 different formats:  

                                                                                                                                          (1)   05CF09.86EBFB.1AF0FB.77A6FD
                                                                                                                                          (2)    ewc-2fe8b6a1.cha.bellsouth.net  


---     double click chatters nickname                                                      

---     click remove chatter

---     click kick/ban

---     click permanent ban

---     click custom ban

---     delete users nickname all the way to @ (leave the @ )

---     usernickewcflash@9B12CF.AD1E69.5DC29B.161690 <---example

---     @9B12CF.AD1E69.5DC29B.161690                 <---after deleting

---     add *

---     *@9B12CF.AD1E69.5DC29B.161690                <---after adding *

---     click remove


---     double click chatters nick

---     click kick/ban

---     click permanent ban

---     click custom ban

---     delete users name all the way to the @ (leave the @)

---     userenick@ewc-5372de0e.pns.bellsouth.net          <---example

---     @ewc-5372de0e.pns.bellsouth.net                   <---after deleting

---     add *

---     *@ewc-5372de0e.pns.bellsouth.ne                   <---after adding *

---      click remove


To bigban when chatter is not present:

---    click options

---    click room settings

---    click room security

---    click + symbol

---    add chatters host ISP in banmask field

---    ewc-935c5857.ph.cox.net <---example

---    add *@ to front of host ISP

---    *@ewc-935c5857.ph.cox.net <---example

---    click add

*** chanserv will add the extra *! so no need to add it when banning ***


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Rules for Mods In 40's
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